Do you want free business advice from great consultants? Are you a Ukrainian refugee business owner living in Romania? If so, we want to get in touch with you!

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is offering grants to companies set up by Ukrainian refugee entrepreneurs in Romania to conduct advisory projects that meet their business needs and help to grow their businesses, generate income, and improve access to essential services for Ukrainians in Romania. Through this program, companies can benefit from advisory projects delivered by Romanian or international consultants as well as mentoring, coaching, and training projects as part of the EBRD's grant offering.

To be eligible to access EBRD grant financing your business must:

This grant can help in lots of areas, some examples of activities that our grant financing can cover are:

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Please get in touch with us at to get more information about the program and available grants. Our team at EBRD is dedicated to guiding applicants through the entire process, offering direct support during application and closely monitoring project implementation until completion.